beachWhy do you post stuff on Facebook? Are you sharing pictures, comments and activities of your family so other friends and family can keep in touch? Are you using it as an outlet to bring awareness to others on subjects they wouldn’t otherwise be informed of? Do you express your innermost thoughts and feelings for all your friends and loved ones to know? Do you use it to rant about things that you are obsessed or annoyed with? Are you trying to make other people envious of your glorious life, even if it is really NOT so glorious?

I think we all have our different reasons for posting on Facebook. I personally post to bring awareness on issues I feel are very concerning and detrimental to our health. I post to share with my family and friends everyday occurrences in my own family because, we live so far away from everyone we hold dear and love. I also, as anyone who is on my page can corroborate, rant about things I either love or detest! You will not however, find me revealing my innermost thoughts and feelings for everyone to know and read. That is not the kind of person I am.

If you believe that is what I am doing, you do not know me well at all!!

I also, do not post to make other people envious of my glorious life, because glorious it is not. Nor, do I believe anyone else’s life is either. We all have ups and downs, and trying to rub in other people’s faces how ‘good’ you are doing, is a sure sign to me, how UNHAPPY with your life you really are, yet are TRYING to convince yourself otherwise!!

I do, as we all do, run across all of these on my page, however, and it always makes me question “Do you really think you have other people fooled your life is so great?”

What about these people whose relationship status changes 10 times a year? Single, engaged, it’s complicated, single, in a relationship, engaged, single. WOW, how busy can one person be? Does everyone on your page REALLY need to know about every relationship move you make?????
And then there’s those who post about how terrible their boyfriend is, and then go back later, when they have made up apparently, and delete the post? Do you really think that everyone on your page has forgotten what you posted the day/hour/week before? Why must you talk trash anyway? Does it really make you feel better for everyone you know to think your significant other it a piece of trash, and write comments about how you are better off without him? Are you looking for sympathy? I really do NOT get it!!!

Someone told me years ago, when my husband I first started seeing each other that I shouldn’t talk bad about the things he does that I don’t like, to my friends and family because then, they will just see him for the bad things he does and come to think of him as a bad person for me. So I did not. Over the years, I’ve had many a friend tell me about the bad things they don’t like in their significant other, and realized this was exactly true. If you’re constantly hearing bad stuff about someone, how can you see them as a good enough person for someone you love or care for?

You WON’T!!!

So, if you don’t want everyone under the sun to think bad things about the person you love, stop saying them! If the person you love isn’t respecting and treating you right, only you can change that! Maybe instead of complaining about them, you should leave them so you don’t have to be treated like that anymore. If you don’t want to leave them, then quit complaining about them for every person you know to see. People can’t put their 2 cents in on your relationship if you don’t open the door for them to do so. The truth is, we have NOT forgotten about every BAD thing you’ve posted. In fact some people enjoy reading about other people’s miseries, so your feeding into that negativity. Replacing your negative posts about him with pictures of the new ring or WHATEVER he bought you, doesn’t erase our memories either. So in the future, try keeping a little MORE PRIVACY about your relationship and you’ll be amazed at how many prying eyes are CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Her Reality Check!~