How are you raising your son? Do you believe that boys should be raised to cry or not to cry? Do you believe boys who cry growing up grow up to be sissies? Or, do you believe boys who cry growing up, are just as strong as boys who do not cry? Do you think it is okay for boys to cry as long as they are under a certain age? Or do you think boys should be allowed to feel what they feel and cry whenever they choose?

  One day a few years back, I was walking in a grocery store, and heard a mom berating her son on the other side of the aisle. I could also hear the boy, who was fussing about one thing or another. From what I could hear, he sounded like a toddler, with the way he was speaking back to her and acting. She was going on and on saying “Shut up and stop crying. Quit acting like such a baby!”  All I could think is “WOW!” Next I hear “STOP IT, knock it off already, only girls cry. Quit being such a sissy. Boys don’t cry!” My jaw dropped to the floor. I looked at my daughter and asked, “Did she just say boys don’t cry?” Apparently I said it a little louder than I expected (being shocked and all) because she replied “YES I DID!” Well, if you know me at all, you know I’m not one to keep quiet when being confronted. So I replied back, “NICE PARENTING!!!!” To which she said nothing. Of course, by this time I was at the end of the aisle, so I went my way and she went hers.

To this day, I am still appalled!

 I am a parent who is raising a son. I also have friends who are raising sons as well. My son is fixing to be eleven years old, so I’ve been doing this for a while. I’ve been through the baby stage, toddler stage, little kid stage, and am now moving into the tween stage. I am raising my son to be a giving, friendly, compassionate person, just as I am doing for my daughter. I grew up having a brother as well, so I’m not new to little boy ways. While, it seems we have become more accepting over time, and aren’t as abrasive with raising boys as we were when I was growing up, some people still seem to have this ridiculous notion that boys shouldn’t cry.

Why is this again?

 I grew up with both a mother and a father, who are still married, coming on 41 years now. One of the things I can recall my dad shedding tears over through the years was his love for either my mother, or his children and family. I never thought he was any less of a man for showing his emotions and crying every now and then. Isn’t crying part of what humans do? In fact, I would say, and most would agree, my dad is one of the manliest men I know! So the fact that he cried, just made him more of a person to me, instead of some unreachable parent who doesn’t feel the same things I do.

So, I guess it should be no surprise that one of my favorite memories of my husband, is the way he wept over his pride and joy in marrying me the day we married, and in both births of our delightful children.

  My son is all boy, and always has been! Used to believe he was Hulk from about age before 2 years old to almost years 5 old.

We had to make him promise when he started school, he wouldn’t ‘hulk out’ in class!!!!!

Seriously!!! My family can testify to the fact that he would jump over/on/off any object he deemed interesting, and has always loved any and everything boys are into from cars to bikes, fishing, etc. Does that mean he doesn’t/shouldn’t cry, because he is ALMOST eleven? Give me a break, of course he still cries. Over meaningless crap too!!! Annoying at sometimes, yes, but that’s how all kids are!

He is also the baby of the family. Anyone who has more than one kid and knew the last one was the last can testify to the fact that the ‘baby’ of the family, KNOWS they are the baby of the family, from the moment they begin learning! So, I believe this has contributed a little to his crying habits, yet does it matter in the long run? NO! I can remember my brother being the same way at the same age. He has grown into a very well-adjusted married man, who’s been in a relationship for over ten years, and has three beautiful children! So, I’m pretty sure, he turned out better than the majority of men I know!! Most of whom, don’t believe in crying among men or boys. While, I met my husband in our teenage years, I know (and have heard) he was the same kind of emotional boy.

  I am proud to know I am raising a boy who will be an understanding, loving, compassionate man who is not afraid to show his emotions, and who he really is. I know he will turn out to be just as an amazing husband & father as his dad has gave him an example to be.  Do not raise your son to disregard his own emotions and feelings, for this is how we reveal who we truly are. If you can’t express who you truly are, you can never expect to be truly happy!