What kind of friend am I? What kind of question is that? I am a fabulous friend! I call my friends as much as I can, I buy my friends gifts when I think about them, I listen to my friends as much as they need me to, I go out with my friends as often as possible. Are these really all signs of a good friend though?

I saw on the news a few weeks back that Facebook is causing emotional distress among people who get on and get jealous of their friends pictures or lives. While this sounds completely ridiculous, I believe it is unfortunately true. I see my friends post about competitions their kids have won or are entering, successes their children have achieved, and sadly, these are the posts that seem to get the least amount of “likes.” Unfortunately, parents seem to look at other friends and their child’s accomplishment as a threat to their own child. The craziest part about this is the person can live half way across the country. What kind of competition is that for your child? The biggest question is, why can we not just be happy for other people?

Have you ever had a friend try to start their own business? Did you support them in starting that business? Supporting them does NOT just mean saying “Great job” or “You can do it!” Supporting them, means purchasing a part of their product or allowing them to perform that product for you on your house, yard, etc. when you need it. Supporting them means referring or recommending them to people when you find someone else is in need of their expertise. As a person whose husband ran a successful word of mouth company, I’ve seen how this works first hand. If you have outstanding work, it speaks for itself. When people see it, they want to know who did it, and a company can very quickly become a success. However, in order for this to happen, people have to be able to see the product. My husband used to build/rebuild homes, so every time a person entered a home he worked on, they could see his handiwork. This alone, made him sought after. However, what if your work wasn’t as out there? What if you made specialty furniture, or painted pictures, or wrote, or baked or sewed? These are all arts that are as obvious as a kitchen remodel. These are all arts that need the help of friends and loved ones in order to excel. Do you have a friend who has a fabulous talent that has tried to start such a business? Did you help them in any way mentioned? If so, kudos to you, you are a supportive friend. Or, did you give them an “Atta girl,” and send them on their way? If so, then you are an envious friend!

While, we are all different people and are attracted and inspired by different things, we do not have to like/agree with our friends who are trying to put themselves out there and make something out of themselves. Being a friend, means recommending them to someone other than yourself, for maybe they will find your friend’s knack amazing and use them for their own needs.  Through recommending your friend, you have helped that friend in their journey to achieve the person they want to become. This, is what a true friend does. While jealousy and envy are a natural feeling we have to fight to overcome, we should not be envious of our friends and loved ones. Why can we not just be happy for our friends and their accomplishments and do anything we can to help them along the way? Shouldn’t we be searching for our own Picasso within and focusing on making ourselves happy through bringing it to the surface?

I have an old friend that wrote a book a few months back and it made me so excited. I have shared the book on Facebook, and have told as many people I can (every time books come up) in order to support him. Why? Because I think it’s amazing that he did something he has always loved, and had the balls to put himself out there. I also think it’s a very good read ;)!

Lol – and plan on buying his next book as well.  The point I’m getting at, however, is with as many friends as the both of us share, I believe only one other friend has shared his information about writing a book, and tried to persuade people to buy it. I truly believe, this is because most people are envious. Was I envious at first? HELL YA, he wrote a book!!!!! Not envious enough, however, to be so PROUD I’d do anything I could to help get his name out there and sell as many copies as he can.

I have had other friends and family who are Real Estate agents, a career in which I am not a fan of! I for one, believe they do NOT earn they money in which they earn. I’ve bought and sold a home too, so I don’t need any  explanation of WHY they “deserve”  the money they do. After dealing with dozens of them, my feeling is a GOOD one is few and far between!!!! Personally, I prefer to buy from the seller, and do the whole looking process myself. ESPECIALLY when it comes to new home buying – how they’re earning their money there is still a mystery to me!! Lol –  Regardless of how I feel, as stated above, some of my most beloved friends and family are realtors. I am by no means trying to insult anyone, I am just stating my honest opinion about the money earned in the Real Estate field. When and IF, I’ve known someone is buying a home the first thing I would do is recommend one of the realtors I know. At least their honest, which is hard to come by!! This, is true in any field!! 😉 lol

I actually referred the best realtor I know (NOT family or friend, just one I finally got lucky and found) to a friend of mine a few years back, and they sold her house.  A wonderful person I would refer again and again.

Sometimes, in life we get so wrapped up in what other people do we do not take any time for ourselves. If you are jealous of a friend’s vacation, get over it! Try making some time, maybe a special vacation, with your own family to be proud of! One of our biggest family goals is to go out and see the world. While, we will never take our children out of the United States until they are adults, we have tried to give them a wide spectrum of the world (in the Us anyway) lolol 😉
Do not be jealous of a friend or family’s accomplishments, go out and make your own. They don’t have to compare with other people’s accomplishments either. We are all good at our own thing and finding that special thing, is half the fun! The truth is, we are unhappy for others, because we are unhappy with ourselves.  If we are envious of our friends it’s because we are truly envious of our own inferiorities, and are really only jealous of their strength to let the world see them for who they are. For, when you are free to show the world your Picasso, THEN you are fulfilling your own dreams!

~Her Reality Check!~