Ok, so I guess it’s my love of the English language, but there is something about ‘sayings’ that always gets me. I either love them or loathe them! (And it’s usually the second!! lol)
Most of my life growing up, I remember people telling my parents, in one such wording or another, “You sure do have a beautiful daughter, better get that shotgun ready!” I can remember always rolling my eyes or shrugging, or saying Thank you, whatever. All the while, thinking “whatever – so stupid!”
Now, I’m a mother of my own, and have my own beautiful daughter, she just turned 14 last month, and of course have now heard the same thing about her. While I no longer roll my eyes or shrug it off, I do still thank them and think “whatever, so stupid!”
So I’m guessing your wondering why I think it’s a dumb saying? Well, it has nothing to do with the gun, it’s just about the saying itself.
While I certainly understand what the saying is implicating (I don’t need it explained to me), I just simply think it is sexist and dumb.

I have two children, one daughter and one son. They will both grow up fall in love, probably more than once, and they will both move out of our house and in with a person they love, and hopefully one day get married and have children (if they so choose to do so that is 🙂 )
So why is it, that I’m only supposed to get a shotgun to protect my daughter? What about my son, is he not as important as she is? Can he not be betrayed and hurt the same as my daughter in romantic relationships? Won’t I have to give him away to someone as well?
So WHY the double standard? You never hear anything about boys being so handsome that they need to be protected? Yet, I’ve known and seen boys/men just as hurt in relationships by crazy, abusive, cheating self-centered women, as I have women hurt the same way by men.
Don’t we want our children to grow up, find someone they love that will love and treat them unconditionally and keep them happy for the rest of their lives?

I will be just as concerned about each of them as they enter the dating world. I will hurt and hold the hand of both kids when they get their first heart break (if they’ll let me 😉 ). I will shed the same tears for my son when he marries as I will for my daughter when she marries. I will then do the same as they each have their own children. I cry just thinking about past memories with the both of them that are long gone unretrievable moments of time that seems to have went by WAY TOO FAST!!

I cherish both my children the same while they are under my roof and will mourn them the same after they have moved out and living lives of their own.
So no, I will NOT be getting the shotgun to protect my beautiful daughter OR my incredibly handsome son! I will instead teach them what love entails, how they should treat other people and how they should expect to be treated. I will then let them out into the world with the lessons I’ve taught them to find a life of their own with a person that I KNOW will treat them right because this will be what they expect for themselves because this is how we raised them. Just as I chose someone who treats me as my parents taught me to be treated – with kindness, compassion, understanding, COMMITMENT & LOVE!