By now we’ve all seen the ice water challenge hundreds of times, as it is taking up every other post or so on our social networking pages. It seems like half the people I know have done it. It’s being done for a wonderful cause, being that it is bringing awareness to ALS (known better as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and has now managed to bring in almost $100 million. People are videotaping themselves dumping buckets of ice water over their heads, and challenging other people to either do it, or donate $100 to the cause. I however, refuse to be one of them!


Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to hear about why it’s a terrible organization, or how it isn’t doing what they said they were going to do. That’s not my point here. Although, I have researched where their donations are going and it seems to me a LOT of it goes directly back into fundraising ventures, but that again, is not my point!
I would like to say, the majority of the country IS in a drought, and I DO believe it is a terrible waste of water. It is now predicted that it has added up to around 6 MILLION GALLONS of water being poured out, which is dumbfounding. Excluding of course, the people who have done it in their gardens or such to water their plants at the same time – good job guys! šŸ™‚

To me it’s more about this – How many times do we see people on our social media pages asking their friends and followers to donate money to a charity that does good deeds? To helping children with diseases that our friends personally know? To helping raise money for again, people we PERSONALLY know, in order to help them feed and/or clothe themselves because of hard times they are facing in life? I’m not talking about celebrities either, people give to celebrities charities just because they mention a name. Which is very cool and all, but why do we have to be a celebrity to get our OWN FRIEND’S ATTENTION???? Back to the point –

I know, I see people trying to get friends to donate often. Therefore, I know we all see it often. The question then becomes, How MANY people do you know that HAVE donated to such causes?? Before of course, they were able to tape themselves doing it so they could show it off to the rest of society? Because, I know my list is short to NONE!!!
That’s right, the majority of people I know, never donate anything! I’m not talking about to their grandchildren’s little league or nephew’s karate gear or the plate passed around at church either, because that again, is giving with eyes upon you! I’m talking about giving because it is the RIGHT thing to do!!!!!


How do I know this? Well, in conversations with people about donating in such times as Hurricane Katrina or Sandy, or the earthquake in China, or the tsunami in Japan, I have been told time and time again, “Nah, I don’t donate to that stuff!” When attempting to TRY and get people I know to donate to worthy causes, my attempts have ALWAYS been worthless! Hell, I couldn’t even get people to step up and send a gift to someone they KNOW sometime throughout a years time, when they knew that person could maybe use some inspiration/understanding/compassion/WHATEVER!!!! Besides my one fabulous cousin, NOT ONE other PERSON!

However, when the chance comes for these same people to take a video of themselves (INSTEAD of donating money) surprisingly enough, they are ALL OVER IT! This is NOT referring to some AWESOME people who did BOTH – you ROCK!! šŸ™‚ )! So, it seems to me, that they can’t donate when asked by friends, family, or in times of National crisis, YET if someone asks you to take a video of yourself donating and post it, you can? Am I missing something?
I’m not trying to offend anyone here either, I know plenty of people who genuinely did it because they were challenged, but why can’t you just DONATE MONEY????????


THAT is why I gave the ice water challenge the cold shoulder! I donate all the time, to many different organizations. I donated to all the tragic events I listed above. I give money, clothing or food to homeless people as MUCH as I can. (Don’t judge, with a twist of fate, that homeless person could be you!) I give to causes ALL THE TIME, yet, I would never video myself doing it and challenge other people to do it as well! And if I did, it WOULDN’T WORK – I’m not a celebrity (which don’t get me wrong, I understand why they did it -their influences (and pocket books) are the ones raising the money NOT everyday people like me and you!!!) and I didn’t start a TREND, yep a TREND that the majority of ‘look at me’ people I know jumped on the bandwagon to be a part of! (Again, not talking about all of them/you, refer back to my original statement ABOVE this picture on this!) lol

I did NOT do the ice water challenge, and I will NOT donate to the ALS. While, I think it is a wonderful organization, it has received so much money and media attention, there are TONS of other organizations that are CONSTANTLY being neglected, and I will donate to them. Just as I ALWAYS do!

I’m really not trying to insult anyone, I’m just trying to raise a little awareness myself. There is always a need to fill, and I just wish we could ALL jump on the bandwagon of donating ALL the TIME, when NO ONE IS WATCHING, WITHOUT being challenged publicly, because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!