I’m not much of a materialistic person. I could care less how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, what kind of purse you carry, shoes/clothes you wear, house you live in, etc. To me, material objects don’t make a person, who you are inside makes you. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain brands I am loyal to. However, my loyalty lies in practicality and usefulness of the product, not because of it’s name. As an example, while I have an iphone, it’s only because I got it for $.99 as my upgrade, and I’d heard so much ranting and raving over them I decided it was only fair to give them a try………….my opinion, NOT IMPRESSED! Therefore, next month when I get my next $.99 upgrade, it will NOT be another iphone. Yep, there’s another example, I ONLY buy phones when I get them for $.99. other than that, it’s a waste of money to me! lol

Therefore, to find five items I lust after is rather difficult for me. I figured if I changed it to five things it would be more suiting for me and easier to accomplish. The first ‘thing’ I constantly lust after are vacations. I think some people don’t know the power of a GOOD vacation. I guarantee you, I am NOT one of them!


Growing up, my parent’s were always taking us on vacation’s. While, we lived next to and were close to our cousins, we lived away from both my parent’s parents, and therefore would go visit them for Thanksgiving, Christmas and summer vacations. Not every holiday every year, but we would switch it up here and there. For a few years straight, just my brother, sister and I left Texas in the summer and went to Arizona to visit and stay with my mom’s parents and other relatives. We would stop at coll places, see cool things and meet cool people! lol

As we got older and went up with my parents, we started venturing out to California, as I had become infatuated with the state an early age, vowing one day I would live there! We went to San Diego, Los Angeles, Disneyland….we loved it! For mine & my brother’s graduation present,as well as my sister and her husband’s wedding present, my parents took us on a cruise to Con Can and Cozumel. We drove from Texas to Florida, stopping and staying the night in New Orleans Louisiana. We partied that night on Bourbon St. and had a fantastic time! We went to Disney World in Florida!The whole trip was fabulous! Of course, this was 20 years ago, when cruises were still safe. I’d never take my kids on one now with all the disappearances of people and on board illnesses that occur nowadays! NO THANK YOU!!!! Plus, I don’t believe in taking my underage kids out of the country. If you do, that’s your choice. But I personally think it is unsafe! This does however, exclude Canada! We are taking them on a vacation there this upcoming summer! πŸ˜€

Over my kids 12 and 14 years we have traveled as North as New York to as South as Texas. We have lived in Arizona and now California. We have both driven and flew on these trips. As stated above, we are taking a vacation to Canada this summer, driving the Northwest to get there! (Any tips on places to go and things to see/do is much appreciated!) We are so excited! My husband and I have vacationed in Cabo San Lucas and Hawaii as well! Fell in LOVE with Hawaii, and plan on retiring there! So, as you can see I truly do LUST for vacations! They are a vital part of my families life! πŸ™‚


That leads me to the next ‘thing’ I lust after,which is HAWAII!!! As stated before, my husband and I went on vacation there. Before we went, it wasn’t a place I was really interested in vacationing in. I thought it was too touristy. (BOY was I wrong!) However, my husband and I owned time shares and got benefits of free vacations places, such as Hawaii. We got a free place to stay there, so we decided to go. On the second day we were there, I was already looking at Real estate there! lol It is such an unbelievable beautiful place!!! If you’ve never gone, I suggest you do. It’s worth EVERY cent, trust me!! However, it’s part of my husband and I’s dream, not my kids. So, a few more years down the road after they graduate, and my husband can findΒ  a position to transfer into, we are GONE! πŸ™‚

Other than that, I can’t really think of anything I constantly lust after. I’m a pretty simple person!