First day of my 30 day writing challenge and my subject is five ways to win my heart. While, I may have now been with the same man for over 18 years, he still works on winning my heart daily, which no – doesn’t work daily, but it makes it something I’ve become familiar with. However, I’m not much for one to say this and that makes me happy because I’m a simple lady. Rather I kind of go by do NOT do this or that, so looks like I might be going back and forth on this one! These are also in no particular order 🙂

Make me laugh!
Ever heard that saying ‘Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive?’ That’s exactly what I believe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no practical joker or anything, but I do believe we should all know how to laugh. I also believe I know way too many people who don’t do exactly this, but instead take everything way to serious. Never laughing, telling jokes, understanding at sarcasm….definitely not me! I’ve actually been known to laugh the most awkward of moments. A trait I’m not proud of and have unwillingly passed on to my daughter. Rather, I believe that if something is funny, then we should laugh.Sometimes, that laugh may come at the expense of ourselves, but that’s how laughing works. Something has to be funny. Sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s others, As long as we’re not constantly doing it at the expense of others, I find it a necessity. A necessity to not take ourselves too seriously, yet to remember we are all the same and the more we laugh and enjoy life, the more we’re living it. So, laugh away – life’s too short to not be enjoying it!!

Take me on vacation!
As stated above, life’s too short to not be enjoying it!! We work our lives year around for what? To pay for our homes, cars, clothes, electronics,etc. all to have these material objects taken away from us over time due to them breaking, being updated, etc. Yet, at the end of the year, we’re basically in the same financial situation we we’re the year before with the same amount of money either in or not in our bank accounts…….So, WHY are we not spending more money on vacations for ourselves? You know the BEST thing about vacations? They make the BEST memories EVER, and unlike material objects, they can NEVER be taken from you!! Their more affordable than you think too, but that’s another blog. Vacation, vacation, vacation – make unforgettable memories with the ones you LOVE, while you HAVE THEM!!

Love my children and myself before ALL others
When you get married your spouse becomes the #1 person in your life, and everyone else (should) take a backseat. I’ve never been able to stand those people who put their friends before their family. Or those that think they are too cool for their significant other. I believe a man should know his wife and kids birthdays, NO EXCUSES! He should love them, comfort them, shelter them, help them, play with them, read to them, put them in bed……EVERYTHING a mother does, a father should do the same…….at least in my book. And, while it’s okay to have friends, your spouse SHOULD be your best friend. This keeps your love remaining strong and your friendship forever lasting!

Be a kind person
Not just to me, but to every one. I’m a believer in karma, and while I’ve done some bad things in my life, as we all have, I believe I’ve learned from them and they turned me into the person I am today. I may not always have been kind, but now I understand it makes me happy and feel better about myself when doing for others. SO, give away. Anything you can, materialistic or not. People need all kinds of kindness to motivate them through the day. What kind of inspiration will your kindness bring?

Give me space
Life is complicated, stressful and emotional! Sometimes the best way to make me happy is just to leave me alone! As a sufferer of PMDD, I can sometimes get rather angry or annoyed….even at myself. Therefore, I’ve found the best solution is to let me have some me time. I have no one to bitch at, some time to think, write, read or whatever else I choose to do and best of all no one gets their feelings hurt. So next time you feel as I’m blowing you off, just remember, it’s not you, it’s me……..and a LITTLE space does a LOT of wonders!!