So – challenge day #2 – something I feel strongly about..

Well if you know me at all, even only through my writing, you may have learned I have a  very strong opinion, so coming up with something I feel strongly about is definitely an easy one for me. The problem becomes, where do I stop? haha

I guess I’ll start with something that has always been a  strong passion of mine, which is environmentalism. I can remember being in 7th grade and hearing that aerosol cans were releasing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the air, and had damaged the ozone layer and created the ozone hole. That was appalling to me and I never again have used an aerosol can. I began researching global warming, deforestation and other environmental factors and began to become very concerned with the way society was treating mother earth. By 10th grade I had convinced my parents to start recycling, through having different containers for aluminum, glass, trash, etc. I ALWAYS ensured everyone cut their six pack rings so no poor turtles or fish were caught in them and hurt. When driving I NEVER let anyone throw their trash out the window. Granted, sometimes my car became rather dirty, but it was worth it to me. By 11th grade I had convinced my parents to contribute to Save Walden Woods, bought Henry David Thoreau’s Life in the Woods, and gained love for another cause as well as author……the list goes on. Now at almost 40, I believe it is more important that EVER that we take care of the Earth. the destruction we have done in the 20 years since I graduated High School is disheartening. It seems as though a lot of us have lived in an uncaring bubble that continues to contribute to the destruction of the planet we claim to love with absolutely no shame in doing it………I find it incredibly disturbing and tragic!

Another thing I have always felt strongly about is family values
I love my husband greatly, even after 18 years. 😉 I never would have thought your love for someone can continue to grow SO MUCH after SO LONG, but it does! As long as you tend to and mend your marriage that is, otherwise it will disintegrate just as ALL relationships do when they go neglected. I also believe if more people did this properly, we wouldn’t have such an extreme amount of divorces as we do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe you should stay married to an asshole – I’m saying you should have NEVER married that asshole to begin with! These family values ALSO include teaching your kids right from wrong, how to say please and thank you, how to have proper manners, working standards, behaviors, treatment of other people, etc. Teach your kids the RIGHT way, discipline them when you have to, and BE CONSISTENT!!! Yes, I know it’s HARD, but we all know that ONE time you let them get away with something YOU pay for it for at LEAST a month – DON’T DO IT!!!! It’ll pay off in the long run I promise! BE THERE for your family – that’s what we all need most. Money does NOT matter, TIME does. Spend it wisely investing in your family

Something else I feel incredibly strong about, and always have, is rights.I believe in EQUAL rights of men, women, gay, straight, black, white, yellow, short, skinny, tall – ALL AMERICANS!!!
Because we live in America, one of our rights as an American is freedom. I believe we therefore, as WOMEN, have a right to be free in making decisions for our OWN bodies. Not men, who have no idea how or what we feel or think! NOT politicians, who only do what their doing for money or stature, not because it is what’s the RIGHT thing to do! NOT religion – we have separation of church and state for a reason. Basing rights on religions would only leave us ALL shacked in one way or another by it’s restraints! WE, AS WOMEN should be the one’s addressing and taking care of our rights to be productive – PERIOD!
I also believe we should have the right to marry whichever sex we choose, and to inherit their spouses benefits, property, belongings, etc. the same as traditional marriages do. I believe it is our right as Americans to live the life we want to live. As long as we are not hurting anyone else, I don’t think it is anyone’s business WHAT we are doing behind closed doors! EQUAL RIGHTS!
This also leads to animal rights – I am AGAINST hurting, maiming, abusing or endangering animals. I am AGAINST Sea World, Zoos, Circuses and any other such place or person that abuses and neglects animals for pleasure and profit. I am against people who hurt animals for fun, or because they are too ignorant to know what taking care of an animal means and therefore have it killed because of it. No, I have nothing against hunting. As long as the animal your hunting is not an endangered one, I believe it’s healthier to eat wild animals over the disease infested GMO ridden animals we are buying and consuming from the grocery stores we shop at. Which leads me to my next right…
The right to KNOW what’s in our food. I believe we have the right to know how our food is not ONLY being produced, but the results of WHAT our food production is doing to us. I believe our food should be labeled, so we are making the choice to either consume or not consume dangerous food items. It’s literally killing us NOT TO KNOW!!
Lastly, I believe we do NOT have the right to buy and sell our rights as Americans for PROFIT! I believe NO money should be in politics as payment for favors. No politician should be allowed to profit from ANY cause OR work for ANY organization they supported AFTER he leaves office…it’s a conflict of interest and should be STOPPED!!

I believe I’ll call it quits here, because as stated above, I could go one forever, but I’m sure, for now, you’ve read quite enough! Have a great day!