Challenge day #3 – A book I love!

Well this one is definitely going to be difficult! I absolutely love reading therefore have an incredibly difficult time choosing just ONE book!! Honestly, can anyone choose just ONE BOOK?!!?!!? Therefore, I will go with my favorite BOOKS! When it comes down to it, they are all from ONE author though, Stephen King!

I fell in love with Stephen King winter of my 7th grade year. My parents were driving us from Texas to Arizona to visit family for Christmas. This meant a LOT of reading time for me, as it would take us two days to get there and another two days to get home. This doesn’t count me reading other times of the vacation either, and being an avid reader I quickly read through all of my reading material. Which, but the way, I have NO remembrance of what it was. My mom was a reader as well and had her own supply of reading material, so I asked her if I could read one of hers. She told me all she had was Stephen King’s Eyes of The Dragon and a book by his pseudonym Richard Bachman’s Thinner. I read the back of both and went with Eyes of The Dragon. First of all, you must know, if your not a King reader, a LOT of his books intertwine. That’s right, they intertwine. A LOT of the people from one story relate somehow, some place or sometime to a character in another one of his stories. Eyes of the dragon is one of them. It intertwines into the Dark Tower Series, which is another favorite of mine, but we’re not there yet! šŸ˜‰ Some people are under the impression that King only writes horror novels. While, he does write phenomenal horror stories, he also writes fantasy novels, and they are just as remarkable!

Eyes of The Dragon is one of those fantasies. It’s about a young prince named Thomas who watches through the eyes of a dragon decoration on his father, King Roland, bedroom wall. One night he see’s him get killed by his magician Flagg. But Thomas, is only twelve years old, so he is terrified to say anything. He then becomes King and his brother Peter, who was framed for the murder of their father by Flagg, is sentenced to live the remainder of his life in a tower. It is then up to Peter to escape and right the wrongs of Flagg, who is now running the kingdom through being his young brother’s adviser. I ravished it and fell completely in awe of King. To this day, it is still one of my all time favorite books! Although, I have to admit, I read NOWHERE as much as I’d like to! However, after writing this, I am going to switch pages and purchase that book again so I can re-read and enjoy it ALL over again! šŸ™‚

My second favorite book from Stephen King is another fantasy novel called The Talisman. It is yet another book that is intertwined with The Dark Tower series, yet it is also a collaboration piece with Peter Straub. It is about a boy named Jack whose mother is dying of cancer. Jack finds a way to save her. but in doing so he must travel in a dangerous parallel universe to find the cure in ‘The Talisman’. His life is endangered time and time again as he moves through different territories trying to stay alive, meeting various acquaintances and save his mother at the same time. I fell in love with Jack and was terrified for his life the entire time. A boy out to save his mom, who wouldn’t love a story like that!

So two times now I have mentioned these two books being linked to The Dark Tower series. This too is a favorite book of mine. Of course, it’s not just one book, it is a series of them. A series in which, it is impossible to pick which one of them I like better. I’s about a man who is a gunslinger and is chasing a very bad man (Flagg) and has been for a long time. It’s once again about this gunslinger’s adventures as he chases Flagg over long periods of time through different worlds meeting and killing all kinds of interesting and terrifying characters. If you’ve never read a King book, I highly recommend him. And, if you’ve read only his horror and not been interested, try a fantasy. It’ll totally be worth your while!

It’s not only fantasy books I adore in King either. I completely loved IT, Cujo, The Stand, The Shining, Carrie, Christine………….but you don’t want to hear about everything I’ve read,so I’ll just stop here. Until tomorrow! šŸ™‚