Day #7 –  Five pet peeves

Well, today we have 5 pet peeves. Where should I start? Just as my last list, these are in no particular order.

**Kids wearing sweatpants to school. Yep, drives me FUCKING crazy!!!! Unless you are incredibly poor and have absolutely no say in what clothes you have due to them being donated to you, why in the hell is your child wearing sweat pants to school?

So, to be completely fair, part of it annoys me because I know how easy it is to be pantsed when wearing sweats. As a kid, who was a huge asshole I once got kicked out of recreation due to pantsing some girl there. Since then, I’ve kind of seen wearing them in a whole different light. Of course, I’m not 13 anymore, ( I TRY not to be an asshole now instead of trying TO BE ONE) and now have different reasons for things annoying me as I did when I was younger.

Now, however, it drives me crazy because  I believe it shows lack of caring, pride, preparedness, etc. As a parent, it’s our job to teach our child how they should dress and appear at school as we dress and appear at work. I know very few jobs where sweatpants are appropriate attire, therefore, to me, they aren’t appropriate school attire either. Sweats are fine for around the house relaxing or running a quick errand here and there, but not to important outings. Teach your child while their young how to be prepared and responsible when their older.

**Towels, pillows or blankets on the floor. The floor is a dirty place walked upon by how many sets of feet that have walked upon dog, cat, rodent, or whatever type of creature or animal feces that lives close. Therefore, the floor is covered with animal feces,plus who knows what other types of germs and bacterias, and it grosses me out to think about my towel, pillow or blanket touching the floor and me then using it! EWWWW!! lol While I’ve always TRIED not to yell at my kids, I can tell you I have yelled at them numerous times for this very offense. Watch out now! lol

**Slow traffic in the fast lane on the freeway. That’s right folks, when you drive on the freeway there is a FAST lane! In case you didn’t know,let me be the one to make this clear………the LEFT LANE ON THE FREEWAY/HIGHWAY (whatever you call it) is the FAST LANE!!!!!!!!!! Some states have signs that say slower traffic keep right, while others say left lane is for passing only. Regardless of what your state says, they all mean the same. If your going slow – move over or STAY RIGHT!!!! If your in the left lane and a faster car comes up behind you – move THE FUCK OVER!!!! Rules of the road people……..this saying didn’t come from nowhere!!! LEARN them, live them – teach them to your damn kids!!!!

**LYING – total pet peeve of mine. I don’t get why people have to lie. Just be honest! This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. As some people are just lying, cheating, manipulating, condescending, unhappy people. I know PLENTY of them, as I bet you do too! If you are the type of person who lies –  stay the hell away from me. No body needs that kind of unhappiness and misery around them, me included.

**Adults who trash talk the current generation. I don’t give a shit what generation your from. Your generation is no better than the next. Time has proven, that when necessary a generation steps up to do what they have to in order to make right. Even though, most likely the generation doing so was trash talked when they were young. I remember hearing it about my own generation as a teen and of course about my parents generation before me. Now, I’ve heard it about my children’s generation and it drives me fucking crazy!! STOP IT ALREADY!!!!! NO generation is better than the other, just as NO sex is better than the other, NO religion, NO race – we’re all the same!! PERIOD! If anything, the past has shown future generation’s to be better than their previous ones! A title well earned, IMO! 🙂 Until tomorrow!!

~Her Reality Check!~