Don’t know what happened – I thought I posted last night!

My view on mainstream music…… well, I guess I’d have to start by asking, WHAT THE HELL is mainstream music???” Isn’t it ALL mainstream? I mean, we listen to all music the same right? Besides, the newest generation born the past 5 yrs or so, we ALL grew up listening to our music from the radio, (and of course Mtv) didn’t we? I mean, yes, I know we also heard music from other friends or people that we’d never heard before, but for the most part, didn’t we all get our music from mainstream media?
Personally, I have a WIDE variety of music that I listen to. I grew up on classic rock, and of course love it. However, as a young kid, I developed a liking for hip hop, rap and R&B………the music I heard ON THE RADIO! I have to ask again, “Isn’t this what ALL kids do?” I do however, remember my dad being incredibly unhappy about it though! lol

This is also EXACTLY what BOTH of my kids have done as well. This is also exactly what I support them doing! I mean, isn’t this a part of us finding out WHO we are? Yes, I do believe it is! SO I encourage my kids to listen to WHATEVER they like. I know it’ll continue to grow and change as thy grow as well. Just as I have done! Now, at almost 40, I STILL listen to classic rock, hard rock, hip hop rap and R&B (which is the music my KIDS listen to from the radio!) However, over the past 20 years, I have developed a LOVE for alternative rock and especially reggae, which is WHAT I listen to the majority of the time now! However, I also listen to some punk, folk, indie rock, pop rock, blues……..hell, I even have a favorite country cd!!! lol


In May I went to a reggae fest named Cali Roots and watched 311 & Pepper perform. A few weeks back I went and watched Soundgarden & NIN. Both were awesome shows! I plan on going to the Cali Roots festival this next May too. Don’t know who’s playing yet, but I know it will be just as FABULOUS!!! 😀

roots  In my lifetime I have seen way over 100 concerts/bands and find it an exhilarating experience as I love music deeply! I even have Bob Marley’s 3 Birds tattooed on my arm. I therefore, do nOT know why people find it necessary to insult music choices of other people. Music speaks to our individual souls through some sort of connection. It lifts us up, or comforts us in pain, it gives us whatever we’re looking for. That’s the beauty of music, there is no right or wrong. I listen to whatever speaks to me at the moment to whatever mood I’m in….I  suggest you do the same!