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How important I think education is
Hopefully, we all believe education is important, and all want our children well educated. I know I sure do! I have always been a believer in education, as a child I educated myself! Of course, I never had any difficulties with much either, besides Math, and that was simple until JR High. I did however,spend a LOT of my free time at the library. Once I realized you could hangout in there and then take books you chose home, I was hooked. Until my Sophmore year, I hung out at the library as much as I could. I would read check out books from Flowers in the Attic, to books about the workings of the brain. I always excelled in school, and never had to be hassled to do so. I ended up graduating with a 3.6, and for a student who spent MORE time at the beach then HS, I’d say that’s pretty impressive!!! 😉 lol

I grew up with a father who didn’t even attend HS, yet ended up with his own drilling company making close to a million bucks a year, in the end. You know why this was possible? Because of the person he IS, on the inside. Because of his work ethic, dedication,determination, perserverance, QUALITY of work, he was able to own, not one, but three different companies in his lifetime and make more money than he ever imagined…………..with NO EDUCATION, just himself!
Personally,20 years after graduating, I’ve attended college quite a few times. I have a degree in Fashion Design and almost finished a degree in teaching…….we moved so most of my credits didn’t count and I was going to have to redo most of my classes. After talking it over with my husband and kids, I decided to wait until my kids were gone so I didn’t spend the last remaining years with them studying and stressing, rather enjoying my time with them. So here I am, almost 40 and do I think education matters…….only to a certain extent! Now, don’t go telling my 8th and 10 grade children I said this!!! lol – they are expected to bring home A’s and B’s or their ass is grass!!! 😀

Obviously I think education is important so we can all learn to read, write, do math, understand our history, etc., but after HS, I do NOT think education is as important. If you’ve graduated HS and put up with 17-18 years of BS, then you have done just fine in my book! Am I saying I don’t want my kids to go to college? No, I’d love them to go to college. I’d love them to go, get a degree (as fast as possible) and get the hell out!!

Honestly, I’m trying to find careers for BOTH my kids that make good money with as LITTLE schooling as necessary!! Already found one for my daughter, now it’s just convincing her to do it. Why do I want to do this? Let’s be realistic, who we are and WHAT we want to be at the age of 18 is totally different than who we are and WHAT we want to be at the age of 28, 38. At 18, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, 28 I was just enjoying being a mom but did NOT want to leave my family to be a Fashion Designer, and at 33 a teacher………..see what I mean!!!! lol I figure go to school for a quick degree making good money, then years later, when/if you change your mind and want to go back to school for something different, at least they’ll have a good paying job in the meantime….this is my plan anyway! 🙂

Now, at 38 I do neither, and I am happy to be doing so.No MATTER the job I have had, I have always been an outstanding employee. Even being promoted at more than 90% of the places I’ve worked because of my work ethic. As stated above, I have a degree and a half! lol -I could work in the fashion industry or teach Pre-school (my credit transferred for that). So, when moving here, I looked into teaching pre-school. Even got two jobs doing it. You know how much they pay though? $11-$13 hourly. So, I decided to continue serving instead. That’s right, I waited tables………a job looked down upon because it’s either for the un-educated or for those getting through school. You know how much I made hourly waiting tables? At one restaurant $15 hourly and another $30-$50 hourly……..you read that right $50 HOURLY to wait tables!!! Now don’t get me wrong, you had to be very smart to work at this restaurant. They test you all the time on new food items, old food items, drinks, the script you have to have remembered to sell water, appetizers,drinks, etc…….it was not an average restaurant.

All these lifelong lessons combined have shown me, education is not the most important thing in your life, who you are, INSIDE is the most important factor in life. Be a GOOD, helping, hard working, dedicated person……in life (AND IN LOVE) and you’ll go far! ❤