Today I’m pressing random on my 400 disc cd player and listing the first ten songs it plays and writing about it. Just so you know, I never really have a plan in my writing, I just know what I’m writing about and write, so we’ll see where we end up.

Every time I hit random on my cd player, I think “Man, these are some good songs!” Then I remember their my songs! lol – I couldn’t have picked a better playlist if I tried! 🙂       steely
1. Steely Dan – Hey 19                                                                                          The funny thing about this, is the first time I was introduced to Steely Dan, I was 19 years old. Even though they had been together longer than I had been alive I had never heard of them before. I had just moved away from home for the first time to a different state and was at my apartment with my roommate and he put their cd on. I knew immediately I wanted the cd too, and have been a fan of them ever since.

bob marley2. Bob Marley – Jammin                                                                              If you’ve been reading my blogs, then you know my love for Marley runs so deep I have a 3 birds tattoo on my arm. He is definitely one of my top 10 musicians of all time!!! He was as an amazingly brave man, who wrote and sang beautiful music about the injustices of his country, and was killed for it! Unbelievably terrible tragedy!

inxs3. INXS – By Your Side                                                                              The second tragedy on my list. I remember hearing them when I was a tween and loving Michael Hutchence’s voice. So silky smooth and beautiful! Him hanging himself 7 years ago was so sad and heartbreaking!!

beatles4. Beatles –  The Word                                                                     Third tragedy on my list! Been listening to them since I was a teenager. I had been at the mall shopping with my mom and we went into the book store to look for a new book. I believe I got one, and my mom didn’t. She did however, buy a Beatles cd. I had heard them before, but was never too impressed. She said this was their best album ever. We listened to it when we got home, and I continued to listen to it for days. Rubber Soul – STILL my favorite Beatles cd and the murder of John Lennon is still a heartbreaking tragedy. The Beatles, one of my top 10 favorite bands ever!

u25. U2 – Light My Way                                                                                       Another band I’ve loved since my tween years. Their togetherness of over 20 years together to not only remain a band, but  a popular successful one is impressive too. No matter the change of times and likes in music, they always come out with an amazing album. Their righteous humanitarian efforts have also always been a positive in my book too! 🙂

sublime6. Sublime –  Ramona                                                                                 It’s starting to look like my list has ALL dead people!! :/ I first heard them in 1995 after my now husband saw them at the Warp Tour. Then only a short year later, Bradley overdosed and died. My first introduction to rap/reggae and a favorite ever since. Another band I would put on my top 10 ever!!!

cure7. The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry                                                                         Another one I’ve loved since my teen days. used to dance to them at an underage nightclub on the weekends. DAMN good memories! Not only does my husband love them as well, my son has become a fan of theirs. I love listening to their music come from his room! 🙂

sound8. Soundgarden –  Superunknown                                                           Just saw them a few weeks ago, my second time witnessing their awesomeness! Another silky smooth voice, that I completely adore! Oh how I miss 90s grunge!!! lol


new9. New Radicals – I don’t want to die Anymore                                                          A VERY, VERY underrated band. They unfortunately only did once cd, so I guess that doesn’t help at all.This cd is however,  another one of my top 10 albums of all time!





geto10. Geto Boys – The World is a Ghetto                                                              Again, if you’ve read my posts, you know I love all music, and rap is one of them. Been listening to it as a teen, and I don’t ever plan on stopping……regardless of my age!

I hope your playlist brings you as much happiness as mine does! ❤

~Her Reality Check!~