THIS is definitely a challenge – FIVE men, I find attractive………..ONLY FIVE?!?!? lol

The most attractive man I know is my husband. Not only is he incredibly good looking, maintaining the hair and body he had when we were teens, but he is an amazing man! He is one of the most kind, considerate, giving men I know. We have now been together for over eighteen years (although he chased me for three years prior to us getting together – it was never the right time though! ) He is a very hands on husband and  father, helping the kids with homework, or whatever else it is they need  help with. He puts them to bed at night, takes care of them when their sick……you know all the things most husbands avoid! Mine steps up to the plate and does them! Oh how I love that MAN OF MINE!!!! ❤ ❤

darylThe next most attractive man to me would have to be Norman Reedus or better known as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead world. Although, I am not a fan of the name Norman, I absolutely love him!! I first fell in love with him in Boondock Saints where he was a badass who went around with his brother killing the bad people around town. Then, I saw him in The Walking Dead, and fell in love all over again! lol He is a very outspoken person (as am I) and he always steps up to do the difficult tasks that need to be done! LOVE THAT! Reminds me of my husband! 🙂


jesse The next most attractive man to me at the moment would have to be Aaron Paul, or better known as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. I know it’s over, but I miss Jesse!!! lol       He is a good guy with a drug problem that gets sucked into a world beyond his control when he’s blackmailed into producing crystal meth. He goes from a recreation user to a full blown addict to try and escape the  madness happening all around him. Deep down though, he is a sensitive guy, who has been messed up in life because of his parents neglect and now he’s just trying to figure himself out.  He is not a good drug dealer or thug, as he has a difficult time causing harm to people when he’s been put in a bad situation.  This is also a characteristic, that reminds me of my husband.

cullenLuckily, Hell On Wheels is still on so I can get my Cullen Bohanen fix! He is a man who works on  the railroad after the end of the Civil War. Although, he begins as a worker, he ends up becoming the foreman, leading the crew to the construction of the railroad West.  He is another outspoken man who is very dedicated to his family and doing the right thing, no matter how hard it may be. He is also a very personable man who is both charming and convincing, allowing the changing of minds in his favor more times than not. Another characteristic my husband has always had!

lennyLastly, although he is nowhere near last, is a mad I have adored for over 20 years, Lenny Kravitz. He is so incredibly hot!! He seems like he is an incredibly sensitive man as well, as his songs are so revealing. His voice is also to die for, so smooth and sexy! LOVE LENNY!!

As you can see, most of the men I find attractive remind me of my husband in one aspect or another………the exact reason, he does not mind my attraction to them! 😉