What am I proud of?
I’m proud of my kids! I have a daughter and a son, and they are both the light of my life! They are both very kind, considerate, caring people that I am blessed with and SO grateful for!! Neither may be rocket scientists or professional athletes, but I am MORE than ok with that! To me, it’s important they are happy in life rather than being in competition in it. Therefore, I have raised them to be COMPLETELY opposite than I. Don’t get me wrong, I;m not complaining about my upbringing or anything. My parents are wonderful people who did the best they knew how….becoming parents as young teens though, they couldn’t possibly have known much. Of course, becoming young parents also forced them to work all the time to make ends meet for us, and that they did. This would probably be my biggest complaint about them though, and its at no fault of their own! This, plus other life factors, however, did cause me to be an asshole. This is the biggest way in which my kids are different…..they aren’t assholes like I was! Something I am INCREDIBLY proud of!!!
I’m proud of my husband! He is an amazingly thoughtful, giving, helping man who loves our children and myself more than I ever could have thought possible! He isn’t perfect however, as non of us are. He is an addict! An addict that is clean, with the help of myself and LOTS of tries, therapy, HELP….he is clean! He is, and will forever be an addict though. I am proud of him for stopping using drugs and facing his issues in order to do so!!! Of course he still has issues, as do we all, but he works on them and stays clean while doing so. I am PROUD of him for doing this and saving not only himself, but his children and our marriage as well.

I’m proud of my parents, who are some of the best people I know. They have always been understanding, kind, compassionate people, taking in our friends and their problems as we were growing up. As stated before, they were married as teens, yet still remain married over 40 years later! They worked hard so we may have anything we wanted as kids, and now do the same for their grand kids. They are what my husband and I look to as inspiration for our own marriage and parenting. They are awesome!!