I have always been a very devoted person. Most of the friends I have, I made before the age of 16. I’ve lived in two other states and MANY cities since then. I’ve made plenty of friends, sure, but nearly none of them compare to the friends I made before that. Now, with many years and thousands of miles between these friends it’s really hard to see and get time with them. This makes me miss them very much!!!!

This also leads me to another thing I miss…….. no responsibilities! I absolutely LOVE my kids, but the responsibility of cooking dinner, driving them around, getting them up and ready for school! UGH! NOT SO MUCH!!!!! I miss not having to do anything, go anywhere, answer to anyone……those were the days!!!! In reality, I know they get old, as I can only sit around and do nothing for so long before it’s gets boring. However, one of those days every once in a while sure is NICE!!!!! 🙂