I’ve pretty much wrote my story about academics before I believe. However, for those new readers who know nothing about me, I’d be happy to reiterate. 🙂
My academics were so very important to me as a child. Up until HS, I always maintained A’s and B’s. Even though I hardly went to school after my tenth grade year, I made sure to do all my homework, as well as class assignments and even wrote papers for other kids. I would do my homework then I’d head to the beach and spend the rest of my day partying…….or something like that!

I moved away to go to college at 19. My parents knew there was no way I’d excel and attend college if we stayed in the same hometown where I attended HS, so they thought it best we moved away………and they were right! Of course, we all know how life can throw you curve balls, and I definitely received one! Upon visiting my parents the first summer I fell completely in love with a close friend. That lead me to move back home to be with him at the age of 20, and put college on hold. After a year back home we moved back to Arizona and I went back to college for a degree in Fashion Design. I went to school for the next 4 years part time, while working, then decided it was time to have kids so I took a break. A year later, I went back to school for a year then got pregnant with my second child. I then decided with less than 3 Design classes left to take a break again.

Years later I decided I’d like to be a teacher and went back to college. After a few years, and one more year until I could student teach, we moved from Arizona to California, and in order to teach, I would have had to start over. With my kid being teens, it just wasn’t worth it to me to spend their last few years with us having me go to school and losing time with them. So here I am, attended college many times and yet never received an actual degree. Does it matter to me……no!

I’ve gotten a  few jobs teaching preschool since moving here, but unfortunately haven’t been able to take any of them because the pay is too low. The truth is, I’ve made more money waiting on tables or bartending then I could make teaching or doing many other jobs. The downfall to those types of jobs is they don’t have any type of retirement, and who wants to wait tables or bartend forever?

With one child in HS, and another who will be there next year. I honestly don’t view academics as that important. Of course, my kids think I think it is the most important thing in the world, but I don’t………I just want them to think that. I hope they go to college for a career that will make them happy while providing them with a life where they do not have to struggle……in the shortest amount of time possible!!! That’s it!

I don’t believe academics make you better than anyone else. I believe we have to look inside ourselves for that and allow the best person we have inside to come out and that in turn, makes us the best person we can be!