Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

This is a story of one of my parenting techniques….scare the sh*t out of my kids so they are too afraid of either what is going to happen to them or what is NOT going to happen to them. Been doing it over 14 years now, and I swear (for the MOST part) it works like a charm!

Almost a month ago, my son (who is only twelve years old) was complaining to me that he wasn’t as tall as he’d like to be. So I, a person who quit drinking soda and coffee, (but has a husband who does) saw this is a prime opportunity for me, so I went with it. I responded “Well you know, caffeine stunts your growth!” He looks at me wide eyes and says “It does!”

   Me: “Ya, why do you think I don’t want you guys drinking it? I’ve told you this many times before!” He just looks at me and walks away, so I figured end of story. Fast forward to this weekend. My husband is cleaning out the fridge and hands my son the remaining coke in a 2 liter, a habit of his I am NOT fond of, trust me. However, my son looks at him and says “No thanks, I’m not drinking soda anymore!” This immediately catches my attention, and I as him why. He responds “because, I want to be tall and if caffeine stunts my growth I’m not going to drink it anymore!!! I haven’t had any in over three weeks, and I think I’ve grown already too!”
Me: showing little emotion, but laughing hysterically inside BWAHAHAHAHA “Good for you, Kaedin!!!!!!”

Now, with this being told, I ONLY lie to them about things that really don’t matter. Such as when both my kids were 2, they started chewing on their nails. After discussing it with a friend, she told me she had told her daughter there were worms in her fingernails to get her to stop………so I tried as well! Worked PERFECTLY with my daughter, my son……..not so much!!! He never really cared if he was getting worms in his belly, so I had to resort to tabasco on the fingers……….I DO NOT advise this either!!!! lol – as it resulted in him crying after eating foods such as apples because his fingers were hot! lol……..overall though, little white lie that hurt no one.

When my daughter was like 4, she saw a news special that said McDonald’s fries cause cancer, and asked me about it. I’m NOT a fan of McDonald’s ( or other fast foods, but I do consider them one of the worst.) And, YES, my 4 year old knew what cancer was………and any other deadly disease (situation) I thought she might need to be aware of.  So, my reply “YES, isn’t that terrible!” And she NEVER asked to go to McDonald’s EVER!!!!! 😀 She did however always ask if the fries at any restaurant we ate at were safe…………another little white lie that hurt no one.

Lies that AREN’T safe to tell your kids however include…… ALL drugs will kill you or ALL drugs are the SAME!!! Are you serious with that one??? What do you expect your kids to think after they’ve tried marijuana and lived? How harmful do you think they will think meth is, if they think it’s the same thing as marijuana? When it comes to drugs, tell your kids the TRUTH…..the drugs that can kill you are cocaine, meth and heroin, NOT marijuana. Marijuana is NOTHING like cocaine, heroin or meth either. If you want your kid to trust you, they need to know you trust them FIRST, by being honest. Save those little white lies for times you want to results from your kids, not for situations that could save or kill your child!