Why I think I’m smarter than you.

If you are someone I know, reading this, and after the title believe I’m talking about you……….I probably am! If you don’t know me, obviously, I can’t think I’m smarter than you since we have never crossed paths, so I shall explain myself a bit.

I don’t generally think I’m smarter than people. However,  after getting to know someone, it becomes obvious which is the smarter one of the bunch. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s not………either way doesn’t really matter to me.

This is more of a confession to those who’ve always thought that I think I am smarter than they are. If I do believe this, I have a good reason or reasons, which I shall now explain!

1.) I know more than you!! How do I know this? Well, I’ve actually gone to school longer than you. This means, I’ve studied more, as I am  a dedicated student and take my education seriously. I also spent a LOT of my childhood in libraries reading and  researching, then checking out and reading  books about anything from the workings of the brain to how the Holocaust was allowed to happen and the terrible history it encompasses. I read to read……..anything and everything I could. So, ya this makes me smarter than you, as I know more.

2. I research and study everyday topics more than you do. As a Scorpio, I have always been a very curious person. This has lead me to investigate things such as people to airplane prices to vacation rentals to the result of pesticides & GMOs on our society. If I am talking about something, or get in a debate about something it’s because I KNOW what I am talking about. I know this because I have made sure to look at all sides of every angle and investigate or research as much as I possibly can. If I have no idea on the subject your talking about, I won’t comment. It’s that simple. I either know or I don’t. The reason this makes me smarter than you,is because I know you. This means, I know you are NOT they type of person to do research. You probably have never researched anything outside of school, when you were required to.  I’m trying to throw insults around here…..research don’t research. I don’t give a shit, but if you want to debate something with me, be informed or step the fuck back and shut the fuck up!

3.) Your a brain washed religious or political NUT that has no thinking capability of your own. Instead you either follow the word of the bible, when it suits you anyway. Or, the political party your parents were or the state your living in is. As an independent thinker, I have you  beat here. I follow neither political party, and only vote for the PERSON I see most fit. I also refuse to follow the words of a book written thousands of years ago by mind controlling, agenda having religious zealots.

You can disagree with me all you want, but I’m, sure you’ve already gathered that I don’t care. Now, however, you may FINALLY, HOPEFULLY understand why I think I’m smarter than you………because I obviously AM!! 🙂