My day in court.

COURT!!!! Ugh – who likes that word? It  can’t be just me that feels automatically guilty upon entering the courthouse is it? Because I do, and I HATE it! Unfortunately, there comes a day, even if we haven’t had to do it in fifteen years, that we have to go to court. This, is how my day went there.


First of all, I should explain my reason for having to be there.  A few months back I was coming up to a yellow light where I would be turning right. Upon reaching the light, I stopped to make sure all was safe and then started to go again. As soon as I started to leave the second time, the light turned red, so I stopped, which resulted in me being over the pedestrian cross walk. I immediately saw a police car on my left and KNEW I would be pulled over, and then was. Know what I received a ticket for???? Get this…….RUNNING A RED LIGHT?!??!? Yep, running a red light, even though I NEVER went through it? I’m still confused over it! So, my husband and I decide to fight it, as I did NOTHING wrong! The cost of the ticket $550 WITH defensive driving, the cost to fight it……….$1550…………still confused over that one too!

Now, the fun part. I go to the police station to pay it and they tell me I have to go to the courthouse, because I sold me vehicle and there was nothing they could then do for me. I get to the courthouse and have to wait in line, of course, so I wait for 20 minutes or so.  After getting to the front, I’m told I have to make an appointment to see the judge and show him my release of liability form. So I do………..cut to NEXT Friday.

I show up at the courthouse at 7:45 so I can be one of the first in line because it’s first come first serve. I end up person #15, with at least another 25 people behind me. More waiting to get to the front again. I get there and she tells me I have to make an appointment to see the judge. Well, I already did that and that’s why I’m here right? NOOOOO, I’m here to make an appointment??? OK, give me a damn appointment, which they do for 10:00. By now, it’s 8:30 at this point, and I’m not going to hang around for another hour and a half so I go home.

9:45, back at the courthouse…….with 10 other people who got the SAME APPOINTMENT time as ME!?!?!?!?!? Now, we’re ALL going in to court together!! GREAT!!!!!They finally let us ALL in the courtroom at 10:45 and we were directed to sit English on one side and Spanish on the other. We then had to listen to a 15 minute recording about our rights and blah, blah, blah! All I could think of the whole time, was please hurry up and be over!! Finally 15 minutes later, it was, or at least the ENGLISH version was, we then had to listen to the Spanish version……………ANOTHER 15 minutes!!!

Luckily, I married a man whose last name begins with a B, so I was the second person called up……to the stand, like I’m some type of criminal or something. They could care less about my story. If your not guilty we can set a DIFFERENT court date up for you and bring the policewoman in to compare stories.

Right, because my word is so much more trustworthy than that asshole cop that gave me a BULLSHIT ticket when she should have just given me a warning, right? I think I’ll pass…….2 days of missing work and a $650 ticket is more than enough to fill my cup of ‘I’ve had enough of this moneymaking, city paving scam,’ thank you………..and so I had to pay it. I’m only hoping not to see the inside of the courtroom for at LEAST another fifteen years!