A few years back we decided to re-evaluate our spending necessities. One of the things we thought we could do without was satellite. There were literally only a few channels we watched and a  few t.v. shows we were dedicated to. The kids were going  to be gone most of the summer at my mom’s house and we would be busy working. We decided to cancel temporarily and see where we were at the end of the summer.

When that time came we decided to keep it cancelled as we hadn’t missed it at all. It’s now been 2 1/2 years and (besides a few things) we still don’t miss it.

I’ve read a few different articles on the subject since, but haven’t read any with all the details I thought people should know, so thought I’d do my own. 

    • We all of course know about Netflix.  Watch all the t.v. shows and movies Netflix has for the costs $6.99 (on one t.v)-$11.99 /month (on four t.v’s).
    • Then of course we know about Hulu, where we can watch NEW episodes of t.v. shows every week the day AFTER they come out, at a cost of $7.99/month.
    • Amazon has a streaming service now too called Prime, which costs $99/year. YES, you have to pay for it yearly, so $100 upfront is required.
    • Starting in April HBO will offer a service for around $18/month and CBS is doing the same for $5.99/month to watch show the day after they’ve aired.

   The thing that makes little sense about CBS is you can watch the shows for free the next day online. (I already do this with Survivor.) So,why would you want to pay for something that is free? I certainly wouldn’t.

 You can also purchase movies on Amazon, as well  as through Blockbuster, Cinema Now, AppleTv, Sony, Roku, etc., and of course my favorite Vudu. I’m amazed at how many people have never heard of Vudu. Here’s where not having Satellite won’t matter anymore. Not only can you buy movies through Vudu, you can buy your favorite t.v shows as well. SO, even though I have no satellite, I can still watch THE WALKING DEAD and Hell on Wheels. The two shows I canNOT deal without! I paid $25 for this season. The ONLY downfall to this, is you have to wait until the next day to watch it! 😦SO, I’m up watching TWD Monday mornings at 7am! However, getting up at 7am is worth me saving over $1000.00 a year on t.v shows! Another awesome thing about Vudu, is you can download any movies/t.v.s hows you own onto a laptop and watch it later with no internet access. Used it 

Used it a LOT this past summer when on vacation by the lake at bed time with no internet or t.v. I’ve also found that a LOT of times, the movies are cheaper here than the others listed.

  What about sports you say? Well they now offer that too. On Roku, Playstation, Tivo, AppleTv, Xbox and most smart t.v.’s, you can get an NBA League Pass for $125 to get your 5 favorite teams or $170 for every game – you can even make payments for access! A MLB pass is $100-$120. A NHL Game center pass is $160. A MLS pass is $155. Unfortunately there is still nothing for the NFL, but I’d bet that will change by next season, as it’s becoming more and more popular. This would be the BIGGEST downfall I have found overall! You can even get a workout subscription called Daily Burn  that has numerous workout programs for $12/month on Roku. It has a free 30 day trial to see if it’s something you really want to pay fo

  If you don’t happen to know or what to use to watch this new style of t.v. here are the streaming media players you can buy.

neo As stated above, you can use  Roku, Playstation, Tivo, AppleTv, Xbox and most smart t.v.’s. You can also purchase a Neotv player, Chromecast, Fire stick, Sony, etc. or Blu-Ray players. they range anywhere in price from $35. to $150.00. From my experience, the $100.00 price range is not better than the $35.00 we spent on our Neotv (which lasted over 2 years) or the $50 we (recently) spent on our Roku stick.  rokuHowever, you will save an additional $20-$40 on buying a stick model, as you won’t have to also purchase an HDMI cord to connect it to your t.v. These streaming media players also come with different channels with free access to like Crackle, Pandora, Flixster, News, Disney, etc.

Adding up all of these items still does not equal what we spend monthly on Satellite services. So, I say, CUT  THAT cord. Quit giving your money and being a slave to the cable companies that tell you what to watch and when! START choosing what you watch and save yourselves tons of money to spend on things you really want instead of on channels you never even switch to! I  believe in a few more years Satellite/Cable will be completely gone anyway. Instead we will pick our own channels and pay a yearly/monthly subscription to get it – ALL ONLINE! We shall see if I’m right! 🙂

What have we done with the money we’ve saved from cutting the cord on Satellite?

Yes, you know me – we have put that saved money towards our vacations! And you can too! 🙂