The other day I was walking with an 8 year old third grade girl and she started a conversation with me about what she got for Christmas, it went as follows…

Her: “Look I got a fitbit bracelet.”

Me: “You did, what does it do?”      Yes, I KNOW what  a fitbit does, I was just curious as to what she knew about it.

Her: “It counts how many steps I take, how many calories I eat, how many calories I burn, and if I want I can even turn it on at night to see when I’m restless.”

Obviously she’s repeating what she’s heard so  say, “Do you get on your computer every night and enter all your foods, or does it do it for you?”

Her: ” No, I don’t do any of that. Mostly I just keep track of how many steps I’ve taken, and HOW MANY CALORIES I’VE BURNED.”


I am flabbergasted here. Why on ANY TERMS, would an 8 year old girl need to know how many calories she’s burned in a day? Now, I know we have an obesity problem with our youth in America today, but that is absolutely no excuse to be subjecting your 8 year old DAUGHTER to a now lifelong issue your creating by teaching her she needs to daily track how many calories she’s burning. Did I mention that this 3rd grade, 8 year old girl couldn’t weigh more than MAYBE  70 pounds? Now, I have 2 kids of my own, whom BOTH have always been at 90-95% of the height/weight recommendations we all hear at our Dr.’s appointments…’s a pretty easy scale, for those that don’t know, let me give you  a quick rundown. By 3, they should be 30 lbs, by 4 40 lbs, by 5 50 lbs and so on. If their below these weight/age recommendations, their considered underweight and above is overweight. My kids have always been on the money, and I have plenty of nieces and nephew and friends whose kids have been on both sides of that scale, so I know what kids weight looks like…..this girl is at LEAST 10 lbs UNDERWEIGHT!

So, CONGRATULATIONS mom & dad, you’ve now created a future child with eating issues! You should be so proud!

After a little research online, I see this atrocity is now becoming a trend!

I know there are going to be people who say it’s ok, IF your child is overweight to allow them to use them though, so I’ll address this as well. NO, IT’S NOT!!! I’m sorry to tell you this, but If your kid(s) are overweight, it is YOUR FAULT, NOT their fault! (Unless they have some condition) They got that way because of the FOOD you feed them and the lack of activities you have them in. So, if you want your overweight child to lose weight, you need to change what food your feeding them and what activities you have them doing. It’s pretty simple, especially for a young kid, feed them all fruit and veggies instead of that crap snack food you’ve been giving them, and balanced meals. They’ll slim down in no time!

Now, as someone who has struggled with my weight just about my entire life, I know how it feels as a kid. Therefore, I SWORE I’d never do that to my kids. I didn’t want my daughter to be ashamed of herself because kids made fun of her, or she was left out of things, or none of the boys had interests in her, due to HER SIZE! Therefore, I simply made it a POINT to feed my kids healthy foods during the most important years of their lives and teach them a PROPER way to eat. Does this mean I’ve left our french fries, or pizza, ice cream, cakes, candy, chips, etc. Absolutely NOT! Although I do remember people acting like I was weird because my daughter never ate french fries before the age of 13 months………my response to them, She’s 13 months, she has the REST of her life to EAT that CRAP, WHY do THEY NEED to be eating it at such young ages? They DON’T!!!!! THIS is why kids are obese at such young ages. Feed them FRUIT & VEGGIES, and TEACH them these items should be the cornerstone of their eating habits, and they’ll carry them with them later in life.

What you SHOULDN’T be doing, is putting the weight issue on your child(s) shoulders. They didn’t ask for this, and do NOT need you giving them a complex for the rest of their lives. You shouldn’t even be discussing weight with your kid(s). The ONLY time it’s discussed in our house is when my NOW 12 & 14 year old kids go to the Dr. and see their weight has changed. To which,  I ALWAYS tell them, WHAT you weigh DOESN’T matter, as LONG as your healthy………this is what we should ALL be telling our kids, regardless of WHAT they weigh!

Our job as parents is to lift our kids up, and make them feel good about themselves, NOT give them a bracelet to see how many calories their burning at 8 YEARS OLD!!!! NOT telling them their overweight and need to lose weight….you think they don’t know that already by observing their peers? The LAST people they need to hear it from is their parents!

You should just be giving them a good example of how they SHOULD be eating, how TO be healthy……that’s all they need. Praise them, love them, be there for them, guide & HELP them! ❤


I hope everyone has started off to a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!! I know I have! 🙂