Did you know there is such a thing called a crosswalk? I promise I’m being completely serious here! Do you know what a crosswalk is? I’m asking this because all my years of driving, it seems like so much of society has NO IDEA what a crosswalk is! Therefore, I’m thinking that a LOT of people must NOT know what they are’ right? Therefore, I have decided to take the time and explain it to everyone! 🙂

Crosswalk – a specially paved or marked path for pedestrians to safely cross a street or road.


Sometimes the crosswalk is marked with white lines, sometimes the lines are yellow and sometimes they are both white & yellow. They are generally installed where large numbers of pedestrians cross, such as in shopping areas, or  school children regularly cross.

+++When drivers see a crosswalk, they know immediately to begin looking, slowing down and maybe stopping for people. Crosswalks should be used ANY TIME we see them when trying to cross the road. If you are NOT using a crosswalk, cars do NOT know to look for you and are therefore, not paying attention as much as they would be if you were in a crosswalk.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) a car kills a pedestrian every TWO minutes, totaling up to more than 4,000 people a year and injures more than 70,000………..EVERY TWO MINUTES!

THIS is why I do NOT understand WHY people can NOT teach their kids HOW to use a crosswalk!!

EVERY single day for the past 10 years that I have taken my kids to school I see SO MANY kids NOT using the crosswalk. Where I live now is in NO comparisons to some of the other schools I’ve taken my kid to over the years. Luckily, now there are NO WHERE as many crazy parents cutting each other off or racing around like the white rabbit, as I used to see in Phoenix. Yet, it doesn’t change the fact that kids are NOT using the crosswalk!

The WORST part is, I see parents encouraging it! Yep, that’s right – parents ENCOURAGE their kids NOT to USE the crosswalk. I know you’ve seen this situation while in a school zone right……. a car pulls and stops. A minute or so later a kid emerges from the front OR the back of the vehicle and STEPS out INTO the street. A street where there are cars EVERYWHERE and the drivers of these cars are paying absolutely NO attention to kids appearing out of NOWHERE in the road in front of them!

Just a few weeks back, a car hit my son’s friend in the actual parking lot. Luckily he was okay, but THIS is how much parents are paying attention!

So, please, please PLEASE pay closer attention to your children when crossing the street. Let them know the can ONLY cross in a crosswalk AND to STOP and look BOTH WAYS BEFORE crossing just to ensure their safety.

I know sometimes crosswalks are farther and it takes more time to get where your going, but  I promise………your life and the lives of the  ones you love are worth EVERY SECOND!!!! ❤