I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t tell your kids who to be friends with or not. That’s right, even the kids whom my kids have got in trouble with. I’ve never placed blame on other kids for my kids behaviors. They have their own minds, and therefore know how to say yes or no, I don’t want to, or any other form of acceptance or refusal when situations arise. They are both now teens and in HS and have made new friends every year with little drama and trouble.

Now, here we are, a few weeks into my daughter’s Jr year, and I’ve already noticed a change. Over the summer, she made friends with a girl that’s a Sr., and she’s starting to have major effects on her.

As people, we can only take so much. As parents, we can only let our kids get away with so much.

Just the other day, she told me she is starting to like country music, and then tonight asked me if she can go to a country concert over the weekend.

That’s IT!!!!!! I’ve had all I can take and I can’t take no more…….I think this is my breaking point and I’m going to have to demand she stop being friends with such people.

disclaimer: I am joking! 🙂