I was having a discussion with my kids the other day after we read about that poor boy in Texas who was arrested for bringing a home made clock to school because his name was Mohammed and he is a Muslim. Therefore he MUST have made a bomb, not a clock. These types of discussions are regular in my house, as we talk about everything! There is NOTHING that is off limits for my  kids to come home and ask us about.

Since we live in such a richly diversified area, my kids have had the privilege of becoming friends with people of all races and many differing religions. This has taught them the insides of real people’s lives, how they live and treat others,what they believe. At one point, my daughter came home and said she’d like to be a Muslim, so I stopped and asked her why. Her reasonings were understandable:

*She mostly loved the closeness of the families they have, especially the extended family part. We are extremely close to both sides of our families, so this is understandably something she could connect with.

*She thought it was very neat that all Muslim’s (if they can afford it) have to make a pilgrimage to mecca in their lifetime.

*She liked the respect that younger people give to ALL their elders.

After she finished telling me why she thought she’d like to be Muslim, I told her these were all very good reasons, and I could understand why she was feeling this way. I then told her that I thought there were some aspects of the religion she may NOT like. She asked what they were, so I told her.

*Women aren’t supposed to wear pants, OR bathing suits OR swim in public places, because swimming is a private affair for safety purposes only. Showing ANY part of the body that can be deemed sexual is unacceptable.

*There is no such thing as dating in the Muslim religion, you are either married OR not! You can NOT marry anyone EXCEPT a Muslim. Premarital sex is supposed to be punished with beatings! Therefore, you shouldn’t look at the opposite sex, at ALL. Instead lower your eyes when talking to them. oh1

That was it……………she was OUT!!!!!! lol

This discussion was no different than the ones we’ve had where I tell them why NOT to be a Christian, Mormon OR any other religion they’ve asked me about……..besides the different reasons, of course!

Both my kids are in High School now, so as I stated before, we discuss everything. Besides, they have seen enough of this world to decipher it for themselves. They’ve seen the good, the BEAUTIFUL, the LOVE, the bad and the pain. They’ve see the hate people spew towards those that are different in color, beliefs, attitudes, religions, LOOKS, etc. ALL things which I have shoved down their throats from the beginning to NOT be OKAY!!!!!

That’s why, I always use stories like this as a time to reiterate what is NOT ok to do to others! Since, as stated before, we are surrounded by diversity, this hasn’t been a hard lesson to drive home. My son’s friends are just about ALL Asian, as are a LOT of my daughter’s. As well as Hispanic, Black and ALL other races/religions, my kids are pretty much the minority in their amazing group of friends. A fact that I absolutely LOVE!

So, when Mohammed’s story came out, it gave me yet another moment to talk about the bigotry people display towards those that are different. Both were not surprised, but were still very uneasy about the situation. The discussion led to how so many people are afraid of Muslims because a FEW have done terrible things to America.

We discussed how people want to say black people shouldn’t commit black on black crimes. When in reality 90% of ALL murders are committed by the SAME RACE!!!!                                                                 My daughter was very quick to point out that it seems like the majority of terrible crimes committed are from white people though, NOT Muslim. She even asked which race has had the most serial killers. I told her I was PRETTY sure it was white people so we googled it………..BAM!!! Yep, white serial killers have made up almost DOUBLE, if not TRIPLE the amounts that black serial killers have. Hispanic and other races are almost none existent.

We then got into the KKK discussion about whites hating other races, especially Jews and blacks. This led to Hitler and his extermination plan of the Jews, and how the KKK would still like to do the same thing here. I’m pretty sure we touched on all reasons people can hate others, which I also explain to my kids over and over………..hate is truly, only FEAR!

The best thing I think I heard all night was from my daughter. I can’t remember why or when she said it, but she says, “Mom, I would NOT like a world with only one race in it. Especially white people. Black people are SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Also, to be honest……………………………………….. sometimes, I don’t EVEN LIKE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!” ohMy response – ME EITHER, honey!