I don’t know anyone who enjoys driving in traffic. Morning traffic, afternoon traffic, after work traffic, weekend traffic……holiday traffic – ugh, that’s the worst! Traffic sux!

We all know and accept it. Some of us do more than others to avoid it.

I’ll get up at 4am on vacations to avoid driving with it. We moved as close to our jobs as we could when we moved the last time to not have to be in it.

But, let’s face it. Unless you move where there is NO traffic, we’re all going to be stuck in it at one time or another.

As I stated before, my commute is the shortest it’s probably ever been in my life. After leaving Phoenix and having Derik commute literal HOURS daily to work all over the valley, we were OVER IT! Our commute is now a whopping 10 minutes.  That’s on the freeway for 5 minutes and the other 5 are getting on & off that said freeway. This stops me NO LESS in despising my trip during morning traffic (which turns from a 10 to a  25 minute commute) taking my kids to school. I do my best to make it as bearable as possible. I talk to my kids and put on some upbeat music that will put me in a good mood. Anything hard and I’m likely to run over someone to get there! 🙂 lol

The thing that drives me batshit crazy though, has got to be the pace car drivers……… Besides, of course, SLOW drivers driving in the FAST lane.

You know the ones I’m talking about right? Cars will be stacked bumper to bumper and then you see a car that has a space of 5 cars or more in front of them.  I call these people the pace car drivers.

Now, I get not wanting to be on someone’s bumper. Traffic can come to a sudden halt, and the last thing you want, is to be too close and smack in to the rear of someone. But, there is NO reason to be 5+ cars behind someone.

pace car


My favorite thing about the Pace Car Divers(PCD’s) is the way they feel the need to honk at you when you cut in front of them, so you can actually GET somewhere. Even though, you are NO WHERE near them!??!?!? This is the main reason I call them PCD’s. Not ONLY do they NOT want to keep the PACE of traffic, they feel they own the road and therefore have the right to police other cars from getting anywhere. I recently had a lady get SO MAD at me for getting in front of her for doing this, she got on my tail after I got in front of her and started tapping her wrist at me. SO FUCKING CHILDISH!!! And HILARIOUS I might add!

A while back a man pretended he was going to hit me for it, then when he finally had the chance, he ZIPPED up next to me and glared at me over his TEENAGE CHILD’S shoulder (who embarrassingly stared straight ahead)………..my response, a smile and a BIRD! 🙂 lol

I have NO doubt the pace car drivers, are the same people who not only drive SLOWLY in the fast lane, but they are also the ones who then speed UP when you try to pass their slow asses in the fast lane so you can’t pass them.

These are different than the blindly ignorant that drive in the fast lane at all times with no clue they are in the wrong. Even though we constantly see signs that say ‘Slower traffic keep right’ or “Keep right except to pass,” for some reason people just do NOT GET THIS CONCEPT!!!!

The egos of humans……. I don’t want to be first, but YOU can’t be in front of me.

I only want to drive this fast and you will NOT drive faster than I.

This may NOT be my road, but I WILL control the speed of EVERYONE!! lol


Now in ALL fairness, I must admit, I am a FAST driver. I drive AS fast as I can, move IN & OUT of traffic and will take short cuts whenever possible to shorten my arrival. I understand not everyone drives this way. If  you want to be a slow driver, that’s GREAT. You’re probably safer than I. You should however NOT be USING the LEFT LANE. Like EVER! Unless, maybe the road is empty. And if you do, move the fuck out of the way for the person behind you that is going faster than you are. It’s not only courteous, it’s a RULE of the road.

This goes to you PCD’s as well. STOP trying to control everyone. Worry about your damn self. If it WEREN’T for drivers like you, our traffic jams wouldn’t be so terrible to begin with. All you spacing does is make it WORSE!!!! Again, FOLLOW the rules of the road and STAY with the flow of traffic! If more of us did this, we’d see less accidents and have LESS time behind the wheel.

         Something, I know that makes EVERYONE happy!